This site has been created to propagate the thoughts, teachings & tradition of Samartha Ramdas Swami, Shree Swami Samartha and their samartha (spiritually accomplished / siddha) disciples.

Since umpteen years, Swami Samartha and Samartha Ramdas have been working zealously for the upliftment of mankind. Every sentence they speak, every move they make; is for the benefit of the society. They are continuously guiding us, encouraging us, constantly prodding us on; at times like a loving mother, sometimes like a strict teacher; so that we achieve perfection in all spheres of life, be it the mundane or divine.

Bhakti (Loving devotion & continuous connection with God) coupled with Vivek (discriminating intellect) & Vairagya (dispassion) while doing Nishkama Karma (performing every necessary action meticulously, tirelessly but desirelessly) is the essence of their teaching.

Strict adherence to the above makes one Jeevan Mukta, the state of being liberated while living.  Devoid of ego, such a person is freed from the bondage of pleasures & pangs of the world.

This tradition of these Samarthas is what we fondly call as ‘Samarthism’.

Samarthism, this universal, all–encompassing religion, vigorously promoted by these two Samarthas, is ultimately all about realizing the God within us & seeing Him Alone in the entire creation.

For generations, these two great Samarthas have been instrumental in moulding dedicated individuals of singular merit, who have selflessly devoted their entire lives to the cause of Samarthism. These samartha disciples, by their loyal unflinching devotion & lifelong, untiring relentless service at the feet of these Masters, have kept Samarthism, throbbing and flourishing.

Following the advice of Samartha Ramdas Swami given in Shree Dasbodh,

जितुकें कांहीं आपणासी ठावें।

तितुकें हळुहळु सिकवावें ।

शाहाणें करूनि सोडावे ।

बहुत जन ।। १४ ।।

 “सार्थ श्री दासबोध”, दशक – १९, समास – १०


With this Website, we are making a humble attempt to make known to a wider spectrum of people, what these two Samarthas & their samartha disciples stand for.

Their exemplary lives, their thought process, their invaluable quotes, their Leelas (divine sport/play), the corpus of literature that they have created; all these function like a beacon of light, preventing sincere people from going astray & showing them the path of Jeevan Mukti, wherein while living in this world, one forever rejoices in the perennial joy of divine bliss. As Ramdas Swami repeatedly says in His Dasbodh,… हळुहळु पुण्यश्लोक करीत जावें ।।, …जनास सिकवावें हळुहळु ।।with the broadcast of ‘Samartha Bodh’, the Audio पोथी (book) with supporting picturesque videos; our aim is to disseminate, little by little, part by part, this vast wealth of spiritual knowledge in an easily understandable format.

Through ‘Samartha Bodh’, we are establishing the ‘oneness’, in the nature of the voluminous work being done by these two Samarthas. Though their modus operandi apparently looks very different, their philosophy is essentially the same.

Here we will be discussing Manache Shlok of Samartha Ramdas followed by parallel Swami Samartha Leelas, preaching the same teaching. While doing this, we will also get acquainted with their samartha disciples.

Listening about all these Samarthas & their teachings, will instill & strengthen our devotion and also teach us the art of staying perfect, peaceful & calm in this imperfect world of daily upheavals. To excel in this art, we need to be continuously in the संगती – company of all these Samartha Masters. Regularly listening to the chapters of Samartha Bodh & then contemplating on the teachings & ruminating on the Leelas; will definitely make us accomplished in this art & refine our life to make it divine.

Welcoming you all to the cult of SAMARTHISM !


।। जय जय रघुवीर समर्थ ।।

।। जय जय रघुवीर समर्थ ।।


।। श्री स्वामी समर्थ ।।


Alka Gune – Sane
Dr. Pramodchandra V Sane
Dhruv P Sane
Dr. Devashree P Sane


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